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Statistical data of the Burgas region
Area: 7 753,14 sq. km
Population: 426 028 (up to date 01.03.200)
Density of population:55,7 people per sq. km
Municipalities: 13 (including 257 towns and villages)
Mean annual temperature:13
Mean rainfall per year:514 mm/sq. m

The Bourgas region is one of the most developed regions in the Republic of Bulgaria. It is the second largest in area (next to the Sofia region) and the fourth populated region of the country.

The geo-strategical situation of the region is a factor of national importance well acknowledged by several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Here goes the crossing of both traditional and newbuilt axes of economical and political interests as follows: Europe-Near East-Asia; Europe-Middle East-Asia; Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Western Europe.

Bourgas region is an important "Entrance/Exit" of Bulgaria. Circa 74 % of the annual import/export of the country goes exlusively through the Port of Bourgas. Main factors influencing the territorial localizations are: availabale nature key-factors of economic importance such as ores and minerals used as a raw material for the industrial development and in the construction industry; a wide ground variety considered to be an important precondition for agriculture development; Black Sea coastal zones, thermal mineral springs, conditions for recreation /country and cognitive tourism/ in the regional uplands, evaluated as a developing factor of tourim and health resort work; availability of highly skilled labour experienced in main production branches of the regional economy; good level of technical, social and market infrastructure.

With it's existing structures in industry, agriculture, tourism and transport and the new legislation the Bourgas region enables potential investors to implement serious investment projects on it's territory.

Tourism information
The geographical location of the Bourgas region is favourable for the development of sea recreative tourism. The main touristic season is the summer. The air and water temperatures, the big number of sunny days and the low level of rainfalls facilitate the open-air recreation for 4 months - from June to September. The Black Sea is not polluted in comparison to other European sea basins and the water is not so salty. There are no dangerous animals and plants. There are thermal mineral springs at various temperature and chemical composition in the region, which are of balneological and sea tourism importance.

The vegetation as a natural resource creates a specific sanitary area and micro climate on the recreative territory, that makes it an object of country and cognitive tourism, especially the forests of the rivers Ropotamo and Veleka, the natural reserves. The forests in the Strandja and Sakar mountans are favourable for developing the hunting tourism - one of the most profitable types of tourism.

Nature and touristic sights
The Black Sea on the one hand and the southern part of the region, which is occupied by the low bordermountains - Strandja, Dervenski Hills and Sakar mountain, on the other hand, are attractive for many tourists every year. Another interesting touristic sights are the Ropotamo river and Arkutino reserve. The biggest tourist complex is Sunny beach, and the modern holiday villages are Elenite and Duni.

The Bourgas region as a crossway of nations and cultures has a centuries-old history. There are many architectural and archeological relics of Thracian times /the Pomorie Tomb/, of Roman and Byzantine times /fortified walls, Roman baths/, historical monuments from the first and second Bulgarian state, architectural and ethnographic places of interest from the National Renaissance - museum towns Kotel, Nessebar, Zheravna, Sozopol etc. Another group of anthropological tourism resources are the religious objects- Christian churches, monasteries, museums.

Distance (in hours) from Sofia:
by airplane : 30 min up to 1 hour
by car : about 4 hours
by train : direct train - 6 hours; express train - about 8 hours

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